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Summers Cup Rules

1. Control

The control of the competition shall be undertaken by Kent Schools’ Cricket Association and all its decisions shall be final.


The competition shall be open to all Kent independent schools.


A boy or girl may represent a school in the competition if his or her 11th. birthday fell on or after 1st. September prior to the season of the competition. He or she must be a bona fide pupil of the school. A player may not represent more than one school in the same season.


The Laws of Cricket shall apply, with the following exceptions : –

  • The pitch shall be 20 yards in length.
  • The ball shall weigh 4¾oz,
  • Except in the Final, each side shall provide a cricket ball with which it shall bowl. Balls must be offered to the Umpires for inspection before the match commences.
  • Each match shall consist of ONE innings per side. Each innings shall be of no more than 30 overs duration. Matches may be of a lesser number of overs per side provided this is mutually agreed in advance. A MINIMUM OF 10 OVERS PER SIDE (unless a side is bowled out in fewer overs) MUST BE COMPLETED FOR A MATCH TO BE VALID. (In the Final, any reduction in overs shall be at the sole discretion of the Competition Secretary.)
  • No bowler may bowl more than 20% of the overs agreed for each innings (e.g. six in a 30 over innings 4 in a 20 over innings). If the number of overs in an innings is subsequently reduced because of interruption(s) the limitation shall be that which is based on the number of overs agreed before the match.


A match shall be won by the side scoring the greater number of runs. If scores are equal then, in rank order

  • The team losing fewer wickets wins or
  • The team scoring more sixes wins or
  • The team scoring more fours wins.

If none of these produces a result the tie shall be replayed, at the same venue, within the time limit for the round or, if BOTH TEAMS are agreeable or THE TIME LIMIT FOR THE ROUND HAS EXPIRED, the match shall be decided on the toss of a coin.


  • No result is possible unless the side batting second has completed at least 10 overs, UNLESS in less than 10 overs that side has exceeded the score the first side had after 10 overs.
  • (i) In the event that the second side has completed 10 overs or more, the scores shall be compared, at the end of the last completed over of the second side, with the same number of overs for the first side.
    Wickets and runs scored in incomplete overs shall be disregarded.
    (ii) If such totals are equal, rule 5 applies to completed overs.


Each school shall provide an Umpire. Schools are encouraged to use neutral Umpires whenever possible. The Umpires in the Final will be neutral and will be arranged by the Competition Secretary. UMPIRES MUST ENSURE THAT THEY REFRAIN FROM ACTING AS ADVISORS DURING AN INNINGS.

8. Scores

Each side shall provide a competent scorer, in order that rules 5 and 6 can operate if necessary.


It is the responsibility of the winning team to forward the result to the Competition Secretary as soon as reasonably possible. Outstanding performances by individual players should be mentioned.


The Final shall be played on a neutral ground arranged by the Competition Secretary. The date of the Final will be announced when the draw is distributed to schools. The date of the Final cannot be altered, although the Competition Secretary may try to arrange a date convenient to both finalists if it is impossible to play the Final due to bad weather. Kent Schools’ Cricket Association will provide a new ball for each innings.

N.B. English Schools’ Cricket Association rulings regarding close fielders apply in all K.S.C.A. competitions.