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U12 Ford Cup

Last updated on 04/04/17, at 14:00

The Ford (English) Cup & T20 Trophy (U12) Draw – 2017

The Ford (English) Cup final will be at Rodmersham CC, on Thursday 29th June, commencing at 1 pm.

For 37 schools the First Round of the Ford Cup is to be played by 29th April & the 2nd round by 6th May.  For the first 2 rounds, time is tight, so I strongly recommend arranging your 1st & 2nd round dates, before you leave for the Easter break.

Within 24 hours of completing the match, both winners & losers are responsible for emailing the result to the competition secretary – Matt Keeling Jones on

 1st & 2nd round losers automatically go into the U12 T20 Competition; the names of all such teams should be known to me by 8th May. Teams in Green are the seeded teams.

Good luck!

Close fielding limit is 11 yards in this age group

FIRST ROUNDby 29th April

Winners in BOLD; losers in BLUE

A John Wallis Academy Vs BYE Q Norton Knatchbull GS   Vs BYE
B Oakwood Park GS Vs BYE R Dane Court GS Vs BYE
C Herne Bay HS Vs Chatham & Clarendon GS S Folkestone Academy Vs Sir Roger Manwoods
D Ashford Vs BYE T Harvey G S Vs BYE
E Tunbridge Wells GS Vs BYE U Kent College Vs BYE
F St Olave’s GS Vs BYE V Simon Langton GS Vs BYE
G Judd Vs BYE W Dover GS Vs BYE
H St Dunstan’s College Vs BYE X St Lawrence College Vs BYE
I Dartford GS Vs Gravesend GS Y Skinners Vs BYE
J Queen Elizabeth’s GS Vs BYE Z Chislehurst & Sidcup GS Vs BYE
K Sir Joseph Williamson’s Vs BYE AA St Simon Stock Vs BYE
L Wilmington Academy Vs Trinity, Sevenoaks BB Maidstone GS  Vs BYE
M Wilmington GS Vs BYE CC Beths GS Vs Bexley GS
N Borden GS Vs BYE DD Langley Park Vs Hurstmere
O Hayes Vs BYE EE Ravens Wood Vs BYE
P St John’s, Gravesend Vs BYE FF Eltham College Vs BYE

Second Round – to be played by 6th May

Winners in BOLD; losers in BLUE

1 John Wallis Academy Vs Oakwood Park 9 Norton Knatchbull Vs Dane Court GS
2 Chatham & Clarendon GS Vs Ashford 10 Sir Roger Manwoods Vs Harvey GS
3 Tunbridge Wells GS Vs St Olave’s GS 11 Kent College Vs Simon Langton GS
4 Judd Vs St Dunstan’s College 12 Dover GS Vs St Lawrence College
5 Dartford GS Vs Queen Elizabeth’s GS 13 Skinners Vs Chislehurst & Sidcup GS
6 Sir Joseph Williamson’s Vs Wilmington Academy 14 St Simon Stock Vs Maidstone GS
7 Wilmington GS Vs Borden GS 15 BETHS Vs Langley Park
8 Hayes Vs St John’s Gravesend 16 Ravens Wood Vs Eltham College

Third Round – to be played by 27th May – all matches must be a minimum 25 overs from this round

a Oakwood Park GS Vs Ashford
b Tunbridge Wells GS Vs Judd
c Dartford GS Vs Sir Joseph Williamson’s
d Wilmington GS Vs Hayes
e Dane Court Vs Harvey GS
f Simon Langton Vs St Lawrence College
g Skinners Vs Maidstone GS
h Langley Park Vs Eltham College

Fourth Round – to be played by 17th June

i Ashford Vs Tunbridge Wells GS
ii Sir Joseph Williamson’s Vs Wilmington GS
iii Harvey Vs Simon Langton
iv Skinners Vs Eltham College

Semi-finals to be played by 24th June

S/F 1 Tunbridge Wells GS Vs Sir Joseph Williamson’s
S/F 2 Simon Langton Vs Skinners

FINAL – on Thursday 29th June

FINAL Tunbridge Wells GS Vs Simon Langton

Duration of games.

1st & 2nd round games may be scheduled for 20 or 25 overs, in the Ford (English) Cup, by mutual agreement. 3rd round games and beyond must be scheduled for a minimum of 25 overs. The final is scheduled for 30/35 overs and the Ford Cup winner will represent Kent in the David English trophy in 2017, a minimum of 30 overs.