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U14 T20

Last updated on 15/06/17 at 08:30

U14 T20 Trophy (20/20) Draw – 2017

The draw for this competition is dependent on the 1st & 2nd round of the Oliver Cup and will appear here, shortly after 10th May. 

The final will be at Tenterden CC, on Tuesday 4th July, commencing at 2:30 pm. Good luck!


Close fielding limit for this age group is 8 yards

First Round – by 20th May

A Tunbridge Wells   GS         Vs Ashford
B Skinners Vs Bye
C Hurstmere Vs Bye
D Beths GS Vs Bye
E Oakwood Park GS Vs Bye
F Gravesend GS Vs Trinity
G Borden Vs Chatham & Clarendon GS
H Bexley GS Vs Bye
I Dane Court GS Vs Kent College
J Herne Bay Vs Bye
K Norton Knatchbull Vs Bye
L Harvey GS Vs Cranbrook
M Chislehurst & Sidcup GS Vs Bye
N  Folkestone Academy Vs Bye
O Sir Joseph Williamson’s Vs Bye
P Howard Vs St John’s, Gravesend

Second Round – by 10th June

1 Ashford Vs Skinners
2 Hurstmere Vs Beths GS
3 Oakwood Park GS Vs Gravesend GS
4 Chatham & Clarendon GS Vs Bexley GS
5 Kent College Vs Herne Bay HS
6 Norton Knatchbull Vs Harvey GS
7 Chislehurst & Sidcup GS Vs Folkestone Academy
8 Sir Joseph Williamson’s Vs Howard

Third Round – by 24th June 

a 1 Vs Hurstmere
b 3 Vs Chatham & Clarendon GS
c 5 Vs Norton Knatchbull
d Chislehurst & Sidcup GS Vs Sir Joseph Williamson’s

Semi-finals – by 1st July

S/F 1 a Vs b
S/F 2 c Vs d

 Final – on Tuesday 4th July 

FINAL S/F 1 Vs S/F 2