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U14 Oliver (ESCA) Cup

Last updated on 15/06/17 at 08:00

The Oliver (ESCA/ECB) Cup & T20 Competitions (U14) Draw – 2017

The Oliver Cup final will be at Tenterden CC, on Tuesday 27th June, commencing at 1 pm.

For 37 schools the First Round of the Oliver Cup is to be played by 29th April & the 2nd round by 6th May.  For the first 2 rounds, time is tight, so I strongly recommend arranging your 1st & 2nd round dates, before you leave for the Easter break.

Within 24 hours of completing the match, both winners & losers are responsible for emailing the result to the competition secretary – Dave Bowers on (& copying in Bill Burton on

1st & 2nd round losers automatically go into the U14 T20 Competition; the names of all such teams should be known to me by 9th May.

Good luck!

Close fielding limit is 8 yards in this age group

First Round – by 29th April

Winners in bold; losers in blue

A St Olaves GS Vs BYE Q Ravens Wood Vs BYE
B Beths GS Vs BYE R Sir Joseph Williamson’s Vs BYE
C Chislehurst & Sidcup GS  Vs BYE S Harvey GS Vs BYE
D Hurstmere Vs Wilmington GS T Herne Bay HS Vs Sir Roger Manwood’s
E Dartford GS Vs BYE U St Lawrence College Vs BYE
F Bexley GS VS BYE V Dane Court GS Vs BYE
G Gravesend GS Vs BYE W King’s, Canterbury Vs BYE
H Maidstone GS Vs St Johns, Gravesend X Kent College  Vs BYE
I Langley Park Vs BYE Y Dover GS Vs Folkestone Academy
J Oakwood Park GS Vs Trinity, Sevenoaks Z Norton Knatchbull GS Vs BYE
K Howard School VS BYE AA Skinners Vs BYE
L Hayes Vs BYE BB Sevenoaks Vs BYE
M Eltham College Vs BYE CC Ashford School Vs BYE
N Tunbridge Wells GS Vs BYE DD Judd Vs BYE
O Borden GS Vs BYE EE Cranbrook Vs BYE
P Simon Langton GS Vs Chatham & Clarendon GS FF Tonbridge Vs BYE

Second Round – to be played by 6th  May

Winners in bold; losers in blue

1 St Olave’s Vs Beths GS 9 Ravens Wood Vs Sir Joseph Williamson’s
2 Chislehurst & Sidcup GS Vs Wilmington GS 10 Harvey GS Vs Sir Roger Manwood’s
3 Dartford GS Vs Bexley GS 11 St Lawrence College Vs Dane Court GS
4 Gravesend GS Vs Maidstone GS 12 King’s, Canterbury Vs Kent College
5 Langley Park Vs Trinity, Sevenoaks 13 Dover GS Vs Norton Knatchbull
6 Howard Vs Hayes 14 Skinners Vs Sevenoaks
7 Eltham College Vs Tunbridge Wells GS 15 Ashford School Vs Judd
8 Borden GS Vs Simon Langton GS 16 Cranbrook Vs Tonbridge

Third Round – to be played by 20th Mayall matches must be 25 overs minimum from this round onwards

a St Olaves GS Vs Wilmington GS
b Dartford GS Vs Maidstone GS
c Langley Park Vs Hayes
d Eltham College Vs Simon Langton GS
e Ravens Wood Vs Sir Roger Manwoods
f St Lawrence College Vs King’s, Canterbury
g Dover GS Vs Sevenoaks
h Judd Vs Tonbridge

Fourth Round – to be played by 10th June

I St Olave’s Vs Dartford GS
ii Langley Park Vs Eltham College
iii Ravens Wood Vs St Lawrence College
iv Sevenoaks Vs Tonbridge

Semi-finals – to be played by 24th  June

S/F 1 St Olave’s Vs Langley Park
S/F 2 St Lawrence College Vs Tonbridge

Final – on Tuesday 27th June

FINAL S/F 1 Vs S/F 2

Duration of games.1st & 2nd round games may be scheduled for 25 or 20 overs, in the Oliver Cup, by mutual agreement. 3rd round games and beyond must be scheduled for a minimum of 25 overs. The final is scheduled for 30/35 overs and the Oliver Cup winner will represent Kent in the ESCA/ECB (formerly Taverners’) trophy in 2016, a competition of 40 overs per side.

When the T20 draw is published, shortly after 10th May, all games must be scheduled for 20 overs duration, per team